List i Ljosi (Light Festival), Iceland 2018
photos: Nikolas Grabar

Today I Wept is a 3 channel digital video installation with manipulated field recordings, synthesis and live performance of sounded found objects (pictured).

(34 mins)

The work combines multiple screens of moving image with sound composition mixing animal, human and landscape sonic worlds. These worlds developed out of manipulated field recordings, sounded found objects and generative synthesis whilst resident in Seyðisfjörður for 2 months during the winter. Researching how our actions can make the earth weep, the work seeks to explore and question our complicity to its destruction while occupied with our own vanity and dominance.

‘Today I Wept’ explores themes of climate change, our digital self (consumption, psychology, self-reflection) and the anthroposphere.

List i Ljosi (Light Festival), Seyðisfjörður, Iceland 2018