Drone Britannia is a participatory sound installation developed to explore themes of statehood, nationality and place within the context of the British ‘naturalisation’ system. In collaboration with Laura Malacart whose work “The Little Book of Answers” forms the score; which comprises of only the correct answers of the UK citizenship test alphabetised and devoid of the questions.

As participants read from the book, their voices instantly become integrated, part of a thick evolving drone formed by layers upon layers of previous participants voice’s. Their words and answers form a sonic texture, a material that can be heard rearranged, re-organised in multitudes of different sequencing, sometimes as small as a grain, other times clearly repeated and echoed into a dense cloud of infinity. This drone evolves through the duration of the installation, continually morphing whilst being added to by new participants.

Exhibited at Hayward Galleries Art Night 2018 in Oval Cricket Ground.