Spatialized audio installation:
24 embedded small format speakers, 4 full range speakers, network of movement sensors, algorithms

‘Drone’ creates a space where the audience experience the what it might feel like to be shot. Each audience member carries the possibility of triggering a series of dynamic sonic events that one might experienced when shot.

A series of sensors track each individual audience member through the installation and an algorithm decides whether or not to shoot at them. The shot is accurately directed at the person and experienced viscerally as sound cutting straight through the body. Firstly the person experiences the bullets ricochet directed close to one side of their body followed by the loud mussel blast as a bullet leaves the barrel of the gun directed towards the other side. Each shot’s sound signature is sonically unique.

The installation uses a network of sensors, thousands of recordings of live guns being fired, bullets entering into many different objects / surfaces, ricochets, and the bullet bow shock wave to recreate the sonic stages that occur when one is shot and how they would be experienced spatially.

Four Corners, London, UK
Nursery Gallery, London, UK
Central St Martins, London, UK

Xhibit 2013